Long Term Care Home Kildare

Long term care involves a variety of services to individuals with medical and non-medical needs, with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves unaided for long periods of time.  Long Term Care is not suitable for acute conditions. Elderly people with chronic health conditions may need Long Term Care. For example, individuals living with dementia, individuals with physical problems after a stroke, and other individuals who cannot live independently or are unlikely to be able to live independently again. 

Our Long Term Care Services

Long Term Care is suitable for individuals whose basic needs, medical needs and daily supervision needs cannot be met in their own home. Long Term Care at Parke House is about the everyday care of individuals with varying degrees of dependency. We are flexible in our approach and constantly monitor Long Term Care plans to take into account the preferences, needs and interests of our residents and we always prioritise the independence and dignity of our residents. Their input, supported by the input of their carers, can be highly valuable to us to help meet their needs, from what food they like to what they like to watch on television or what music they enjoy. 

We respect the fact that our residents have a variety of needs – medical, physical, recreational, spiritual and emotional – and have a multi-disciplinary team on hand to strive to best serve these needs at all times. Our multi-disciplinary team includes nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants, dieticians, social workers, hairdressers, beauticians, activity workers and members of the religious and spiritual community.  

We are very proud of our Long Term Care programme and all that it involves. It is our privilege to provide Long Term Care to our residents and we take our responsibilities very seriously.  We want to get to know our residents and understand what makes them who they are. This helps us provide the best Long Term Care we possibly can. At all times we are committed to preserving the dignity and self-respect of our residents and care for them in a life affirming manner.

Should you wish to discuss Long Term Care options with us we would be delighted to help. Please call the Bed Manager for further information.